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104 N. SCHOOL ST. LODI, CA 95242 – LOVEJOY MUSIC STUDIO – Internet Internationally

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About me

Hello, my name is Ann Rose and I’m the founder, CEO = CREATIVITY EDUCATION OFFICER ;-) and Master Teacher of the Lovejoy Music Studio.  I invite you to join us in a Wonderful Journey together utilizing a very unique and creative curriculum/program/method of learning called SIMPLY MUSIC founded by Mr. Neil Moore!  With many decades of students from around the world, from every skill level and every age having demonstrated great success utilizing these unique ways of play based music learning, you’ll be jumping into musicality right away!!!  Mr. Moore’s programs have grown and evolved and now is the Best time to jump in!  Being online and learning from home is more fun than ever and you can get started right away with a fun program with a recorded accompaniment that SIMPLY MUSIC has for free – called MUSIC AND CREATIVITY. You can do this at home on your own, and then along with a SIMPLY MUSIC teacher to begin the teacher-student learning program!  This is where I come in as your teacher/mentor/facilitator in your music journey!   You’ll see on this SIMPLY MUSIC website that although I’m considered a “trainee” level teacher for SIMPLY MUSIC (which means I have just joined the Simply Music Teacher Family,) I have taught music for many decades and music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember!  I learned to play the piano while a child and went on to teach both children and adults music for decades upon decades. Along with you as you learn, I will be joining you in demonstrating my longevity in the Simply Music program, earning higher and higher credentials along with you as you do the same as a student! We will in essence be increasing our accomplishments together!  I am very familiar with the SIMPLY MUSIC program having followed it for almost two decades now, having shadowed a Master Simply Music teacher and talked with her many students personally about 12 years ago.  While life took me in other directions, mostly developing curriculum and founding a couple Hybrid K-12 schools, I’m now very excited to come full circle as a MUSICIAN! YEAH! and join as a teacher of Simply Music and offer this program to you! Even more so, we will SHARE our combined joy and excitement of jumping into this adventure together!

I hope you enjoy reading my history below and that of my first Piano teacher, Mrs. Grace Lovejoy (part of my family and the namesake for my music studio named after her – Lovejoy Music Studio). It is my mission and our passion to support YOU in your dreams and desires of going forward into your music studies now and creating beautiful music for a lifetime!

A Little Bit about the Lovejoy Music Studio

The Lovejoy Music Studio is named after a lovely woman and Beloved Pianist/Musician/Symphony Conductor Grace Lovejoy who lived and worked in “The Valley” of Southern California and consulted for “the studios” (meaning Disney, Warner Brothers etc.) way, way before the new millennium.  This studio is dedicated to Mrs. Grace Lovejoy with the goal to keep her tradition of love and joy for music and life continuing and shared internationally.   I was both a student of Mrs. Grace Lovejoy and taken under the wing of the extended Lovejoy Family during my childhood.

Mrs. Grace Lovejoy’s style of teaching for her beginning piano students was primarily through classical piano, but Grace tailored her style of teaching to each of her students. When I became a teacher, I followed the lead of “Aunt Grace”.  For example, Mrs. Lovejoy as teacher chose to “go with” Ann’s desire to learn all genres of piano music,  and become fully immersed in the PLAYING of the music first and learning theory later on. That worked very well for me.  Everything from Grace Lovejoy’s recitals, to school and public performances – it was all part of the education.  I enjoyed a very well rounded musical experience including playing in ensemble, band and orchestra, and serving the High School choir accompanist all while under the tutelage of my beloved piano teacher!

For myself as teacher, I always wanted to be just like Grace! As a child I thought it was kind of odd that people I hardly knew would always say “you’re going to be a teacher when you grow up”…how did they know that? As it turns out, they were right. Education in general has always been a passion of mine and I think it is because learning is always new and exciting!  Over decades of teaching at various levels in public and private schools I gained several California Life Teaching Credentials and have founded several educational programs and companies to support the teaching of students from K-12 through the University level and beyond with Professional Development courses.  Right now my expanded interest in music includes Music in the Healing Arts – a whole new genre really – Very exciting! I think my experience in many aspects of education helps me connect with my students on many levels and also accomplish my vision of providing a more Grace-full, Loving approach to teaching Music.

Some of what I have discovered over time is that there seem to be 4 Main Components to successful learning outcomes:  1.a well-rounded program,  2. a tailored approach to each student’s unique personalities, goals and abilities whenever possible, 3. strong support of the Creativity of the learner 4.  real world applications, project learning and/or career readiness opportunities.  While not all inclusive, these contribute to a solid foundation for fruitful, creative, and enjoyable learning. When we enjoy learning, we learn better, of course.  When we have the opportunity to express our innate Creativity, our lives are much more grounded on the one hand, and much more fulfilling on the other.  These concepts are part and parcel of why I have chosen to join the Simply Music family of teachers/mentors/facilitators.  I also especially love and support this opportunity for students to also try the new SIMPLY MUSIC – MUSIC AND CREATIVITY model along with their regular learning. It’s really fun to play with others and this quick program you can learn on your own gives you a feel for how that goes.

What you can dream, you can achieve!

One of the beautiful solid outcomes of learning music is that the possibilities are endless!  Jump in and you never know where it will lead you – it goes Beyond being fun! No matter if you’d like to take your music learning on a traditional path or explore unique avenues, it is all there for you! And, you never know when that will appear!  I can attest to that one!  For instance, a few years back in the Silicon Valley a wonderful man and philanthropist Mr. John Sobrato and his family (the John Sobrato Family Foundation) serendipitously came together with music and artist teachers and developed what they called the Sobrato Arts Foundation for Education, and a career based music and entertainment arts education program for High Schoolers. All of a sudden celebrity musicians wanted to become part of this music program for High School Students. The first to join and contribute was musician Amy Grant, and from that point on, the program blossomed. Throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area mentor celebrity musicians and performers came along like Colin Hay, Eddie Money, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Smash Mouth, Zac Brown Band, Queensryche, Kiefer Southerland, and many more.  And, suddenly any student who wanted to learn music, music production, movie production, concert production and all that went into it, we brought into the program. So, suddenly students in the Silicon Valley, an area of the United States not know for Hollywood-level music production were now able to engage in a whole realm of other music learning possibilities. Their highly skilled musicians and entertainment arts professional teachers provided students with real world application to learn industry skills for future careers after their High School completion! What a wonderful experience!!!  Through learning how to produce all aspects of concert production, movie production, recording and more, the program lasted a few shorts years but far exceeded and achieved its goals and created lasting positive impact in the hearts and minds and lives of those students, and the community! I happened to also serendipitiously become involved with this group – was asked to join the founding educational leadership team. I was suddenly immersed in a whole other world of music I never anticipated I’d be teaching!  One never knows what life has in store for you!

What we all know instinctively is that What you can conceive or dream, you can Achieve! Sometimes you may not even know What it is you are dreaming! You kind of let it flow, like music flows. That is the beauty of learning to play the piano for instance like in SIMPLY MUSIC.  You learn some basics and then you get to go right into improvising even!  Where do you think that might take you? Do you like jazzy blues music? Well, you have Definitely come to the Right place! SIMPLY MUSIC will make that easy for you to play! Do you envision yourself sitting down to the piano without sheet music, impromptu and playing a song for people? You’ve come to the right place. And, the list goes on and on. Learning to play music is like life itself – it goes here and there and you’re only limited by your own dreams.  My music instruction journey is an example of going with the flow and not even knowing what I wanted. I just let it happen because I LOVE Music. What a GIFT to the Universe it is! My going with the flow has included music in Health Facilities, music for Homeschoolers and Unschoolers, music for K-12 Public Schools, music for gifted and talented and the challenged. I must say for me, the Entertainment Business aspect of music instruction was the most spontaneous and my latest endeavor of Music in the Healing Arts is like that. Learning how music has been used for centuries for healing and the frequencies and nuances of music that make us happy and that can make us healthier is fascinating!


I can’t wait to hear what You’d like to do, and get to know you! We’ll do it the Grace Lovejoy way with love, and joy and happiness!

From the tradition of Mrs. Grace Lovejoy who started it all for us personally, the Lovejoy Music Studio’s wish is to share as a teaching style her talent, love, joy, grace and kindness with you. It is with Grace Lovejoy’s style of play-based, well-rounded music coupled with Mr. Neil Moore’s SIMPLY MUSIC, (including his MUSIC AND CREATIVITY program) that offer a really great foundation for you. We’re here for you whether you want to play for your own enjoyment, for others or both, or for whatever you envision for yourself along the way.

Grace Lovejoy’s easy, supportive approach…play the music, enjoy the music is what you’ll get with us. Let’s share in this spirit TOGETHER! Let’s get started – let’s do SIMPLY MUSIC!!!  Give me a call or email me at [email protected]; 408-800-7275.  Can’t wait to get to know you!

To Creativity, Music and You!

Cheers, Ann Rose