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Michelle Hessing

Licensed Teacher Kotara, NSW, Australia
Email address

Phonetel: 02 4023 2622 or M :0407 002 852

Musical Souls


Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs
  • I teach Simply Music Gateway
About me

Welcome to Musical Souls – an encouraging, supportive environment where you learn how to unlock and discover your musical ability, and have fun as you learn to play piano from your very first lesson.

I teach from my home-based studio located in Kotara, 15 minutes from Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

I’m also a student of the SimplyMusic method and know exactly what it’s like to learn piano as an adult.  What I can share with you is, this method had a profound effect on me from my 3rd lesson – that moment when I realised I was in fact musical and had the ability to play – it was a defining moment. So much so that I now teach Simply Music.

I really connected with the playing-based approach to learning piano – and I play for the shear joy it brings me.  I predominantly teach adults from ages 20 and upwards.  I personally love teaching and supporting adults to discover and unleash their inner musician!

You will learn:

Accompaniment (where you play and someone sings the melody)
Blues, Contemporary, Classical, Jazz
Writing lyrics
Duets and much, much more…

We will also teach you how to retain what you learn each week to build your ability and confidence.

Why Group Classes?
Group classes have many benefits for the student over 1:1 coaching.  They are:

Cheaper cost per lesson
You get to hear the songs and learning techniques multiple times
Builds confidence performing in a group
Builds confidence performing in front of other people
Sing with others in your group
More variety in learning projects and working together
More questions asked and different ways and techniques used to explain
Shared learning environment offers support and encouragement

Offering Lessons for:

Group Lessons – up to 6 students per group – learn and play piano together, boost your learning- 45 min lesson
Individual Lessons – for people with specific needs – 30 min lesson (limited spots available)
Online Lessons available via Zoom*
(for students who live remotely or can’t attend a face to face lesson) – 40 min online lesson*
AVAILABLE IN 2020Simply Music Gateway Program – A playing-based piano method for those with special needs, people on the Autism spectrum, and those with learning challenges, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, and ADHD, Alzheimers and Dementia will be provided a new means of self-expression through music with this breakthrough, adaptive piano program.

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