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Mavie Marcos


Greater Larkspur Area

Offers Online/Remote Lessons
Address: Larkspur, CA, USA


Name: Mavie Marcos
Status: Licensed
Phone: (415) 518-6346
Studio: Harmony Keys


Would you feel fulfilled to have your child learn piano quickly,

easily and naturally? Would you like to make use of a program

that builds a solid foundation of around 35 to 50 beautiful pieces

acquired typically over the first year or so of lessons?

Hi, my name is Mavie Marcos. As a piano and voice teacher, I will help

foster a love of music in your child. I have over 13 years of

experience as a professional performer, singer, and songwriter. Soon

after my own kids had been born, I wanted to find a piano program that

would teach my children a broad repertoire of musical pieces while

creating a happy practice environment in the home. I found what I was

looking for in the Simply Music Method.

In the same way that we all learn to speak years before we get to read

and spell, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and

immerses the student in the experience of playing great-sounding music

immediately. Traditional, reading-based methods start with notation

where it is decoded into musical notes, and then the notes are also

played. In Simply Music, one starts with the pattern on one's fingers

where the focus is on learning by doing and getting the hands on the

keyboard, instead of trying to decipher those little black dots on

that confusing sheet of music. Studies shows that attempting to both

decode and play at the same time slows down the learning process. Once

a more experienced player emerges, students are trained to read music

and progress independently as a musician. In addition to building a

repertoire of music, lessons incorporate elements of music theory,

music history, accompaniment, and sight-reading. Each level ends with

a recording session. Over time, students will build their own

portfolio of recorded songs and performance pieces.

Contact me today at or 415 518-6346 to

schedule an introduction. Feel free to find out more at

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